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Exam paper questions these days are usually set quite differently from the syllabus, so direct application learnt from concepts in textbooks is not enough

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Get Clear, Step By Step Explanations Of Concepts For PSLE Subjects. Master Difficult Content From Every Chapter. No More Homework Frustrations


Learn From PSLE Tutors In The Comfort, Convenience, And Safety of Your Own Home


Practice Expert Techniques For Responding To Structured And Application Questions. Gain More Marks, Faster 


Receive A Practical Customized Study Schedule Tailored To Your Learning Styles And Needs 


1 to 1 PSLE Tuition Lessons = Devoted Focus And Attention From Your Dedicated Tutor 


Fun And Engaging Tuition Lessons That Motivate Students To Learn “Boring” Subjects


Home Tuition Rates Singapore

Our home tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time, and are based on rates quoted by good home tutors in Singapore. These market rates are derived from 39,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications from our pool of 55,000+ active home tutors

Tutors With 2 to 30+ Years of Private Tuition Experience

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Master's/PhD/MOE Teachers

Primary School

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

$50 - $70

Secondary School

$30 - $40

$40 - $55

$60 - $90

Junior College

$40 - $50

$60 - $80

$90 - $120


$40 - $60

$60 - 90

$100 - $120

Challenges Faced By Primary 6 Students In Singapore

Challenges Faced By POA Students in Singapore

>  Tremendous pressure to do well at the PSLE exams. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of the consequences
>  Limited attention span and focus during Primary 6 lessons
>  Poor understanding of content and concepts taught during lessons in school
>  Unable to catch up with the pace of Primary 6 lessons when the teacher is teaching in school, or during group tuition classes
>  Struggles in memorising a large amount of content and disparate concepts for P6 subjects
>  Has problems in expressing thoughts well when answering questions
>  Difficulty in using the correct methods to do problem sums and calculations
>  Inability to answer questions, cannot apply the knowledge learnt, and lacks skills to write well to score for Primary 6 school tests and exams
>  Fear of asking questions during Primary School classes due to fear of being laughed at by classmates
>  Losing valuable marks because of careless mistakes made during Primary School school examinations
>  Unable to complete examination paper due to poor time management

Benefits of Engaging a Reliable PSLE Tuition Teacher

It can be difficult for students to keep up with classes in school, especially when they come across complicated and advanced P6 topics or concepts. 

With Primary 6 home tuition, you can get instant clarification in concepts that are difficult to understand. 

You can also receive customised lesson plans tailored to suit your unique learning style and understanding of the different Primary 6 topics, so that you may better absorb the content and understand the concepts.

Your Primary 6 private tuition teachers are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and newest exam requirements. They have been teaching for between 2 to over 30 years and can identify the areas that you should focus on, according to your grade targets and pace of learning.

Aside from gaining a good understanding the content in the syllabus, P6 students need to have valuable skills to answer questions well, in order to be able to score the maximum marks. It is very important to engage an experienced and specialized PSLE tutor who is familiar with the standard questions asked in PSLE, since they know how to answer these questions properly, so that you can score top marks. 

To do well in in the PSLE, you must have a strong grasp of content and examination techniques. With 1-to-1 PSLE tuition in Singapore, you will practice on a variety of worksheets, consolidate your notes for easy revision, and become proficient in answering different types of questions.

Experienced and reliable P6 tuition teachers are able to ensure that their students stay focused throughout the tuition lesson. Keeping the students’ attention is important so that they can absorb as much content as possible during the tuition session, to prepare well for the PSLE exams.

Learn proven methods to learn, remember and answer, so that you are fully prepared for the PSLE.

Primary Six subjects can include content that is challenging for many students. Our P6 tuition teachers are experienced in teaching students at your academic level. They are familiar with the common misconceptions and mistakes made by PSLE students.

Double-checking your answers is useful only if you know how to look out for the answers that the MOE really wants you to give.

Learn how to accurately analyze the questions, so that you can arrive at the answers that give you maximum marks.

Professional PSLE tuition teachers are able to show you how and where P6 concepts are applied when answering difficult exam questions.

You lost interest and became frustrated only because much of the syllabus did not make sense. 

Once there is clarity and you are able to perform the simple and then the advanced tasks, your sense of achievement will lead you to better grades and even stronger mastery of English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Mother Tongue, Malay, and Tamil.

Having to take their first national exam can be overwhelming for Primary 6 students, and they can become confused on how they can work towards being fully prepared. Having PSLE tuition can help better understand the content, and be comfortable in doing papers under simulated examination conditions. This allows them to feel more prepared, and thus be less stressed and more confident for their PSLE exams.

They will also start to have the confidence of answering questions when faced with unexpectedly challenging problems during school and national exams.

Our qualified Primary 6 home tuition teachers are experienced and have thorough understanding of the common problems faced by PSLE students. 

They will be able to dissect difficult P6 topics into simpler concepts, and customize learning materials to improve students’ understanding of these topics. 

Increase your ability to give the RIGHT answers that your school exams and PSLE exams require of you. 

Hire the most reliable and professional Primary 6 tutors, to help you succeed.


Topics Covered by Study Correctly's PSLE Tuition Teachers


Important Skills Taught By Study Correctly's PSLE Tuition Teachers

Building A Strong Foundation In Key Subjects
Speaking And Writing Clearly For Both Languages
Developing Curiosity And Interest In Learning
Error-Free Interpretation Of Tricky Questions
Easy Methods To Memorize Content
Precise Use Of Terminology To Answer Exam Questions
Clear & Sequential Showing Of Workings
On-Point and Direct Explanations When Answering Questions
Writing In Internationally- Acceptable English
Correct Grammar, Spelling And Punctuation
Application Of Scientific Concepts In The Real World
Accurate Interpretation And Analysis Of Data Given In Exam Questions
Correctly Answer Application Questions
Good Time Management & Ability To Answer Unexpected Questions
Meticulous Double Checking Your Answers & Calculations
No More Careless Mistakes

Recommendations & Feedback From Satisfied Parents & Students

Reviews of hiring experienced Primary 6 home tuition teachers from Study Correctly

My colleagues thought I was overdoing it when I hired 3 tutors who each have Master's degrees in English, Biochemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I want to be sure that anyone tutoring Sharon is teaching her the correct content, study skills and answering techniques. Sharon scored A* for all these subjects and was accepted into the Integrated Programme of the secondary school that her cousins are attending. I am proud of her hard work. These 3 tutors are still teaching Sharon, who is now in IP Year3
A to A*
The syllabus is quite difficult, and I myself cannot understand how to do the Maths workings because Maths was different when my wife and I were in primary school. If the workings are not clearly stated, then Abdul will lose marks. Ms Jaina is very good at teaching P6 Maths, and spotted his weaknesses immediately. Ms Jaina is always punctual and very professional. We like her a lot.
C to B
I was doing OK in Primary 4. Chinese was getting more difficult in Primary 5, and my mum hired Madam Cheong who is a current MOE teacher. Madam Cheong is friendly and tells many jokes. She can be very strict when she wants to make sure that I complete homework. I am in the Express Stream of a good school now. Chinese was my weakest subject, but I am getting better at writing and speaking it.
C to B
Yong Seng is very hardworking, but there is a lot of content in the text books that he cannot understand. His classmates read a lot when they are at home, and they are able to answer the difficult questions that the teacher sets for homework, the tests and exams. Mr Tan has over 10 years of good experience teaching graduating classes of PSLE students, so Yong Seng's grades improved after about 4 months.
Yong Seng
C to A


Important Qualities to Look For In A Primary 6 Tutor

  • Our PSLE tuition teachers range from current & former MOE teachers to undergraduate & graduated tutors (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) majoring in the subject that you are seeking tuition for. Every tutor whose profile we will show you has a strong record of helping their students’ marks increase. They scored A’s or A* in their own PSLE exams, and can teach you effective exam tips and techniques to achieve a quick boost to your grades 
  • To aid your selection, Study Correctly will recommend only tutors who have relevant degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) in the subjects they teach. Each tutor must also have a track record of helping their students’ grades improve
  • The MOE changes the syllabus whenever there is a need to be current with industry/the economy’s needs, trends and developments
  • These changes affect the PSLE subject content – and importantly – the exam requirements and answer formats of Maths, English, Science, Chinese, Mother Tongue, Malay and Tamil
  • It is crucial that the P6 private tuition teacher is familiar with the most updated syllabus, and that what they teach during tuition does not contradict what is taught in your child’s school
  • Many parents and students have commented that the exam questions get tougher every year
  • When providing recommendations of carefully-shortlisted PSLE tuition teachers, Study Correctly will describe the relevant teaching experience of our tutors to assure you of their abilities to help students at your level to progress academically, and achieve higher grades
  • Our PSLE tuition teachers are familiar with the newest MOE syllabus, and they have taught students at your academic level
  • Study Correctly accepts tutor applications only when the tuition teacher has a degree (or is in the process of obtaining a degree) in the subject that they teach. This is to ensure that the private tutor has the necessary knowledge and expertise to adequately teach the correct content as well as to help the student arrive at error-free answers when responding to important exam questions
  •  The syllabus, content and examination practices differ for each level of education
  •  When shortlisting suitable PSLE tutors, Study Correctly will recommend only tutors that have previous experience in teaching the Primary School level of their students
  • Homework is given by school teachers so that their students can practice what was taught in school. It is important to be up to date in doing your homework, so that you can internalize the content. When you hand in your homework, you will find out if you managed to correctly understand what was taught in school. Knowing this helps tremendously when you are revising content for your school exams and for the national exams. Revision is not useful if you are learning and re-learning the wrong concepts that you think are right. Giving your teacher the wrong answers will not help you gain higher marks
  • Study Correctly’s PSLE tuition teachers are experienced and have strong knowledge of the exact skills and content that a student will need to excel in each of the chapters that you must master, in order to do well in your exams. Our tutors are also able to create personalized learning schedules, so that their students are able to understand, absorb and retain new knowledge, more efficiently and within a short period of time
  • Our PSLE tuition teachers have between 2 to 30+ years of experience in teaching students who are often from different schools. These tutors have  accumulated notes and past year papers that they can provide to you for additional practice. Some tutors also prepare mind maps, common questions and pitfalls in past year papers, as well as self-designed practices referenced from assessment books
  • Study Correctly will indicate if the tutor is able to provide materials and resources for their students, in our tutors’ profiles
  • Students each have different starting points as well as grade goals. Some students want to consistently score an A, and some students are aiming to get a C or a B for their national exams. Your P6 tuition teacher will evaluate your learning needs, and will suggest workbooks and practice sheets that are most suitable for you so that you can master content that will help you quickly achieve your grade targets
  • It is important that the PSLE tuition teacher puts in the best effort when guiding and teaching you. A dedicated tuition teacher will ask pertinent questions in order to find out which areas you are struggling with. A committed tutor is punctual and rarely would suggest that the lesson has to be re-scheduled. Competent tutors have scored A in the subject(s) they are teaching when they took their PSLE exams, and they would have at least a Bachelor’s in the same subject that they are now teaching. This means that their professional knowledge of the subject(s) they are teaching can help you achieve better grades
  • When recommending tutors, Study Correctly will facilitate communication between you and the tutor to ensure that both parties have a common understanding of expectations before confirming the tuition arrangements
  • For P6 students, it is especially difficult for them to stay focused throughout the entire tuition session
  • It is clear that you are here to find a reliable PSLE tutor to help your child improve in their PSLE subjects. It might be that your child is unable to understand the content that is taught in school. You child might also be weaker in only some specific chapters or concepts. It is perfectly understandable that all parents worry about their child’s PSLE results, as well as whether adequate effort is being put into addressing all the important ways to practice and prepare for the PSLE exams. 
  • Overcome your academic weaknesses. Find and engage Singapore’s best PSLE tuition teachers
  • The PSLE is meant to screen students who are high-ability or average into the appropriate academic tracks in secondary school. It is important that you find a suitable Primary 6 tutor that is able to help you achieve higher marks, so that you are comfortable in the Secondary School that you are posted to.  Good PSLE tutors will be able to reinforce the basic and fundamental skills for the subject, and work on the weaknesses that the student may have. They will also be able to teach good learning habits that suit your child, because they will be adapting their teaching methods based on your child’s learning style. 
  • Study Correctly’s PSLE tuition teachers are experienced and have strong knowledge of the foundational skills that a student will need in order to excel in subsequent advanced levels of education. Our tutors are also able to create personalized learning schedules, so that their students are able to understand, absorb and retain new knowledge, more efficiently and within a short period of time. 
  • We show tutor profiles only when they had received good feedback from parents and students. The quality of the tutor is very important to your academic success
  • Tutors Singapore removes from our database the details of tutors who did not receive positive comments 


  • The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first national exam that your child will have to take. It is a high-stakes exam, because each student knows that instead of competing with classmates or schoolmates, the student is now competing with students from all over Singapore, Having an experienced and supportive PSLE tuition teacher to assist them in this journey will surely reduce their stress levels and increase their confidence in performing well for PSLE.

  • To enter a good Secondary School with a long history of cultivating high-performance students with good values and morals, P6 students will need to perform well for their PSLE. A skilled PSLE tutor can help students to better grasp concepts and content in their PSLE subjects. Engage the best PSLE tuition teacher, because having expert guidance will definitely help P6 students to ace their PSLE.

  • Building a strong foundation and understanding of the concepts in the PSLE subjects will surely help students understand the more complicated concepts at advanced levels. Singapore’s syllabus and curriculum at each primary school secondary school and junior college level is based on building blocks that are cross-referenced. It will certainly be best for students to strengthen their foundation and mastery of the key skills and content as early as possible.

  • Good PSLE tuition teachers are experienced and proficient at helping students to discover their learning styles, and strengths and weaknesses for each subject. This helps students to gain awareness of their strengths and flaws, and to learn how they can best work around these traits to study effectively.

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